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Tom Johnston

My personal story

Following the Master, Jesus Christ

Pastor, church planter, mentor, educator, author - Dr. Tom Johnston is a scholar-practitioner of the Jesus way, investing his life in others who are disciples of Jesus Christ. With a focus on leader development for God's Kingdom movement, Tom has a heart for equipping church planters and pastors from emerging generations.

Tom has been in pastoral ministry for thirty years and is currently serving as the Lead Pastor of The Trinity Life Community in Bedford, NH. Tom and his wife Cathy have started four churches in New Hampshire, and from within these churches they have raised up more than 40 pastors into credentialed ministry, along with seven more churches planted out of those congregations.

Tom’s national and global ministry expression comes through The Praxis Center for Church Development, of which he is the Co-Founder and Executive Director. Praxis works with pastors and denominational leaders from over 70 different denominations within the global Body of Christ. He is the co-author of four books with Rev. Mike Chong Perkinson, Co-Founder of Praxis, as well as numerous articles and more than twenty-five pastoral training resources. Tom, in partnership with Mike, is engaged through Praxis in developing training centers in Asia, Africa and North America, with a focus on equipping church planters and pastors from emerging generations. In addition, Tom is the co-founder with Mike of The Trivium Institute for Leader Development, where he serves as Co-President and Chief Educationist.

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